To forge global strategic alliances, partnerships, and collaboration to facilitate, coordinate and optimize humanitarian efforts to the Philippines  in self-empowering, self-sustaining, enduring ways.

          OUR GOALS:

                  • To create a global network of strategic partnerships and alliances for humanitarian efforts for the Philippines to enable collaboration, leveraging, facilitation and optimization of humanitarian efforts and resources

                  • To promote the "Adopt a Community" model by linking, enabling, and  facilitating partnerships with proven established local grassroots humanitarian organizations with multifaceted, multidisciplinary, holistic, transformational efforts.

                  • To promote and to help facilitate the streamlining, leveraging, and coordination of Medical and Surgical missions to the Philippines.

                  • To catalyze and help facilitate the development and dissemination of a Community and National  Development  Master Plan Matrix for the Philippines highlighting priority areas of greatest need.

                  • To encourage and inspire each and every individual that they have the ability and the power to "make a difference" in this world...  



President's Updates:

Manila Journey: July 19-29, 2010

Our Board Members

In the News...


A Global Coalition for
Humanitarian Efforts for the Philippines Launched!

5/25/09|Ayala Foundation USA

A Global Coalition is Born
for Operation Bayanihan!

Chicago, IL, 16 May 2009

See articles and PHOTOS from the conference.


Our Appointment with Destiny
By: Philip Chua, M.D.

The destiny of a nation is in the hands of its people, the dreamers and visionaries who love their country with
pride and nobility...

News Today: 5/26/09

Humanitarian Coalition
By: Greg Macabenta

I don't believe I have ever seen a gathering of individuals with such commitment to serve the needs of fellow
Filipinos and fellow human beings and who have the
track record to prove it...

The Manila Mail Online News:
June 2009

Front Act
By: Greg Macabenta

A gathering of Filam doctors and community leaders
in Chicago reassured me that being away from the motherland does not necessarily mean abandoning her...

Filipinas Magazine:June 2009

page 7



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