President's Updates: Manila Journey, July 19-29, 2010


Global Coalition for Humanitarian Efforts-Philippines


To forge global strategic alliances, partnerships, and collaboration to facilitate, coordinate  and optimize humanitarian efforts to the Philippines  in self-empowering, self-sustaining, enduring ways.





Our major Philippine "partner" NGOs include World Vision-P, Operation Blessing-P, Friendly Care, Bulacan Health Watch, International Care Ministries, Ayala Foundation, Physicians for Peace-P, Gawad Kalinga, Gawad Kalusugan, The Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation, Healthcare Coalition Institute, recently ABS-CBN Foundation, etc.


Members of our Philippine Core Group partners have recently completed registration with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Association under the name: Global Coalition- Pilipinas.

At the present time, the Ayala Foundation-Philippines will remain the fiduciary agent for Global Coalition-Pilipinas for Philippine tax-deductible donations.

GCHEP President Dr. Sofia Garcia Buder; Friendly Care & GC-P President Leni Cuesta; World Vision-P Dabs Liban;  (not pictured: GCHEP Country Liaison Tierry Garcia)

One of the primary goals of Global Coalition-Pilipinas is to help strategically streamline, facilitate, and coordinate humanitarian efforts to the Philippines. They are working on a Philippine Development Matrix which will highlight priority areas of greatest need, geographically and by humanitarian sector, with initial primary focus on the ubiquitous problems of Maternal-Child Health. The goal is to direct foreign humanitarian efforts towards these areas of greatest need.



They plan to compile a comprehensive list of large and small local humanitarian NGO grassroots implementors and map out each one's various initiatives, programs, and strengths. The goal is to strategically connect, streamline, facilitate, and coordinate humanitarian efforts to the Philippines, both foreign and local.

GC-Pilipinas is also willing to provide a supportive role towards a long time goal of FilAm groups for the coordi-nation of Medical- Surgical Missions to the Philippines. However, this initiative will have to be spear-headed and led by the FilAm medical community leaders working closely with the local medical and government leaders.

GCHEP Tierry Garcia; Operation Blessing  Gigilyn Endaya; Bulacan Healthwatch Mody  Lugos; Operation Blessing President Dr. Kim Pascual; GCHEP Dr. SGBuder  (not pictured: Leni Cuesta)                    

The Global Coalition for Humanitarian Efforts- USA and Pilipinas have a daunting, challenging vision and mission. A great impediment to our progress and success is that every member has his own primary: profession, NGO affiliation, advocacy, loyalty, time and financial commitment, etc.

In order for us to move forward towards our full potential, we need to have a working secretariat in the U.S. and in the Philippines. From our initial unsuccessful grand support appeal earlier this year towards a large GCHEP Permanent Endowment Fund for enduring self sus- tainability, we are scaling down our appeal to a more realistic and achievable first year support for the U.S. and the Philippines for the nominal combined amount of $25K. This will provide a dedicated secretary for the Philippine group and a part-time in the U.S. Our core group NGO partners have offered free office facility use at their headquarters, and Dr. Garcia-Buder free office facilities for the Chicago secretariat, with pro- buono supervisory role as President..




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GCHEP Tierry Garcia and Dr. SGBuder;  ABS-CBN Director
Gina Lopez;
Friendly Care and GC-P President Leni Cuesta

ABS-CBN Foundation-USA agreed to match the GCHEP $10K funds received from various donors for Typhoon Ondoy victims, towards a livelihood microfinance project in the ABS-CBN Ondoy relocation site in Calauan Laguna with about 3,500 displaced families. GC-Pilipinas will administer its livelihood microfinance project through Operation Blessing, in a concerted effort with ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation microfinancing.

We are working on another potential $15K leveraging towards the same concerted project with Hope International through its Philippine partner the Center for Community Transformation (CCT), and with another potential $10K leveraging with World Vision.

...collaborative, strategic,
self-empowering, self-sustaining, enduring.


Indigent medical patients from all over the Philippines, 600,000 annually, flock to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) of the country’s premiere medical teaching institution, the University of the Philippines College of Medicine (UPCM), as a beacon of light for cure and for life. However, due to lack of funding in a developing country,  indigent  patients at  PGH  and other charity hospitals are expected to raise their own funds for their medications, supplies, and other medical needs. Thus, if unable to raise or unable to obtain help for the necessary funds for their medical or surgical needs, countless patients too often lose their lives, many from otherwise curable diseases.


Justin is a 3 year old child blind from a probable but potentially treatable form of cancer. He needs hospita-lization for a tumor biopsy, surgery, and for chemo-therapy. Where will his mother get the money needed to save her poor helpless child???

Dr. Tierry F.Garcia, former Chairman and a pioneer founding father of the UPPGH-ENT Department, the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology, and the Manila Doctors' Hospital; Dr. Domingo Alvior, President of the PGH Medical Foundation (PGHMF); Dr. Eric Domingo, new PGH Medical Director; Dr. Sofia Garcia-Buder, President of GCHEP. (not pictured: GCHEP Tierry Garcia, Jr..)

A GIft of Life Foundation for the Philippines' (AGLF)
founding vision of the establishment of a PGH Indigent Patient Care Permanent Endowment Fund may have appeared delusional
to all ever since it was conceived three years ago. However, it just may become a reality after all...

In the meeting above, PGH Medical Director Dr. Eric Domingo and PGH Medical Foundation (PGHMF) President Dr. Domingo Alvior have agreed to pursue a possible partnership and Memorandum of Agreement among the PGH, the PGHMF, and the Global Coalition for Humanitarian Efforts-Philippines towards the creation of a PGH Indigent Patient Care Permanent Endowment Fund. The grand vision is to raise $1M within one year, $10M within 5 years, and ultimately have a PGH Indigent Patient Care Permanent Endowment Fund value of $100M. This will provide $5M per year, in perpetuity, for PGH indigent patient care needs.

Dr. Garcia-Buder and GCHEP Country Liaison Tierry Garcia, Jr. are in serious discussions with its first potential corporate donor towards a $100-200K matching challenge with the PGH and PGHMF towards the first $600K seed money to start the PGH Indigent Patient Care Fund. Once the seed money is obtained and the fund established, we are confident that with multi-level, multi-sectoral collaborative effort and support, our vision and goal for an enduring, self-sustaining PGH Indigent Patient Care Permanent Endowment Fund will ultimately be achieved...

... collaborative, strategic,
self-empowering, self-sustaining, enduring.

Dr. Sofia Garcia-Buder with PGH-ENT Chairman Dr. Alfee Pontejos and other ENT Consultants. (not pictured: Dr. Tierry F. Garcia, Tierry G., Garcia, Jr., and other ENT Consultants)

The founding vision of A Gift of Life Foundation for the Philippines (AGLF) led by Dr. Garcia-Buder in August 2007 was the creation of an Indigent Patient Care Permanent Endowment Fund first for the Department of ENT, ultimately for the Philippine General Hospital. It began with a $10K matching challenge to the ENT Department. This has recently been joined with a $7.5K 3-way matching contribution by the UPMASA Chicago-NW Chapter's newly created Patient Care Committee headed by Dr. Garcia-Buder, for a total of $27.5K seed money towards a PGH-ENT Indigent Patient Care Fund. It is hoped that the ENT Fund will serve as a pilot and model for other PGH departments to follow in an "Adopt a PGH Department" project proposal. The UPMASA Chicago-NW Chapter has pledged a contribution to other PGH departments who wish to establish a department Indigent Patient Care Permanent Endowment Fund, where only proceeds from interest earned will be disbursed annually, but in perpetuity.

Dr. Pontejos, Department Chairman, has also expressed a willingness to consider possible partnership arrangement with Surgical Mission groups from the U.S. to facilitate procedures in ENT and Head and Neck surgery including cleft lips and palates, goiters and other neck masses, etc. at the PGH. Please contact Dr. SGBuder if interested in this arrangement at the PGH.

... collaborative, strategic,
self-empowering, self-sustaining, enduring.





During the very first GCHEP meeting held in Manila in December 2008, we identified Bulacan for our pilot "Adopt a Community" project model in partnership with the Bulacan Health Watch (BHW). They presented a Bulacan Development Framework for various sectors and a needs-based healthcare appeal to potential donors, all featured in our GCHEP website.

As a result, Bulacan has received in the past year many Balikbayan boxes of medical supplies from Dr. Manny Cacdac of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America and from GCHEP; about $26K worth of hospital and medical equipment from Sir Edward Artis of Knightsbridge International including hospital beds, examination tables, two microscopes for TB case identification, etc; and a shipping container of hospital equipment perhaps worth over $350K being prepared by the Filipino American Physicians of Washington.

Governor's Office: Chief of Staff Cesar Villanueva; GCHEP Tierry Garcia and
Dr. Sofia Garcia-Buder; Bulacan Health Watch Mody Lugos and Cris Lugos


Pennsylvania, Virginia; Hongkong; and with four Global Coalition core group delegates flying in from the Philippines. GCHEP has now grown to a network of over 55 humanitarian organizations in the U.S. and in the Philippines, and growing. Please visit:

A Global Coalition for
Humanitarian Efforts for the Philippines Launched!

5/25/09|Ayala Foundation USA

Although seven major charity medical centers in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were presented the offer by AGLF and its new GCHEP partners for a potential Bridge of Life- Da Vita Dialysis Center for indigents, none of them accepted the gift due to valid concerns regarding the high cost of sustainability. Nonetheless, two Philippine groups found their way to Bridge of Life DaVita as dialysis center recipients: in Pampanga with the inauguration of a 20-station Dialysis Center in June 2009; and the Regina Carmeli Hospital by the Augustinian Sisters in Bulacan with a 10-station Dialysis Center being prepared for their new hospital under construction.

Thus, it is the second highlight of this Manila journey for Dr. Garcia-Buder to introduce and connect the Bridge of Life dialysis center project (at the Augustinian Sisters' Regina Carmeli Hospital in Bulacan) inadvertently responsible for the chain of events that led to the formation of the Global Coalition for Humanitarian Efforts-Philippines, with our first GCHEP "Adopt a Community" pilot model, Bulacan. They will now explore partnership opportunities to enable the Bulacan indigent kidney failure patients access to the Bridge of Life Da Vita Dialysis Center at the new Augustinian Sisters' hospital..

To forge global strategic alliances, partnerships,
and collaboration ...

GCHEP Tierry Garcia; BHW Mody Lugos; Bulacan Provincial Health Officer Dr. Jocelyn Esguerra-Gomez; Augustinian Sisters Projects Director Sr. Pinky; GCHEP Dr. Garcia-Buder

In May 2008, after A Gift of Life Foundation for the Philippines (AGLF) Founder Dr. Sofia Garcia-Buder learned that a friend and Chicago medical colleague was Medical Director of a young humanitarian foundation dedicated to building dialysis centers for indigents in developing countries, she eagerly offered to try to facilitate the identification of qualified recipient charity hospitals in the Philippines and serve as their intermediary.

This led to her first connection with the Ayala Foundation-USA, followed by with Physicians for Peace-Philippines; and then through a "Series of

Serendipitous Events," very soon led to the formation of the Global Coalition for Humanitarian Efforts-Philippines. Its first meeting was held in Manila in December 2008 with a rapidly growing network of forty humanitarian NGOs within three months of inception.

The first U.S. meeting followed in Chicago in May 2009, with the most prominent FilAm and prominent non-FilAm humanitarian NGO leaders coming in from all over the U.S: IIlinois, Milwaukee, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Connecticut,



" for the landless, homes for the homeless, food for the hungry and as a result providing dignity and peace for every Filipino.
... just the beginning of the transformation of the people and the community.

... transformation from a caring to a sharing society, united in the vision of reducing poverty by
together building a new nation, one community at a time."


GK Dreamsville site in Bulacan with GK Founder and Head Tony Meloto... my candidate for Presidency and for Sainthood...need I say more?

BEFORE . . .

AFTER . . .




"GK SIBOL (sibol meaning “to grow”) serves children ages 3 to 6 years old. It is a community-based pre-school program which envisions each child be imbued with positive Filipino values and be academically prepared for formal schooling. Classes are held in a Sibol school located in each GK community."


Inauguration of the GK Dreamsville Sibol Pre- school. Meralco has pledged to build and support one GK Sibol  Preschool per month, this one being around the 33rd they have built.     

The brand new air-conditioned school is even so much nicer than the private pre-school our own son attended in Chicago, IL years ago!     


"Let the Little Children Come to Me..."


I  remember the years when I and visitors arriving at the Manila International Airport would unpleasantly be met by swarms of dirty beggar children even at 3:00 in the morning, and practically everywhere one glanced at any time of the day. Didn't we and don't we still just "look the other way", literally and figuratively?


Would any of us have mused:  “ Oh, look how cute and adorable those children are!” and paused to take their pictures with a smile on our face; unless with sadness wanting to capture and document their destitution and hopelessness?



Now give these same breed of slum children a decent home and community to live in, food to eat, clean clothes, access to decent schools, hope for  a brighter  future…



And they, instead of beggars, pickpockets, and potential criminals in the streets, are transformed into “cute, adorable children,” just like yours and mine, with hope and a brighter promise for the  future...




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