.1. A  Gift of Life Foundation for the Philippines (AGLF)
.2. ABS-CBN Foundation
.3. Aid for Mindanao
.4. Alliance of Filipinos for Immigration Rights & Empowerment
.5. American Helper
.6. Association of Philippine Physicians in America
.7. Ayala Foundation: Philippine Development Foundation
.8. Bayanihan Foundation
.9. Cancer Warriors Foundation
11. CURE International
12. DARE- Philippines
13. Doktorko
14. Eye Bank Foundation- Philippines
15. FAITH Philippines
16. Filipino American Physicians of Washington (FAPWA) 
17. Filipino United Network-USA
18. Filipino Village
19. Filipinos Worldwide for Good Governance (FWGG)
20. Fire Jade Global
21. Friendly Care Foundation, Inc.
22. Gawad Kalinga
23. Gawad Kalusugan
24. Habitat for Humanity
25. International Care Ministries
26. International College of Surgeons
27. Kapangpangan Development Foundation  
28. Kids Against Hunger Foundation
29. Lingkod Timog
30. Magbassa Kita Foundation
31. National Federation of Filipino American Associations
32. Operation Smile and PAPRAS   
33. OperationBlessing
34. Phil-Am Medical Mission Foundation of Michigan  
35. Phil-ams of Surigao in Illinois  
36. Philippine College of Physicians
37. Philippine College of Surgeons
38. Philippine General Hospital
39. Philippine Nurses Monitor
40. Philippine Society of Otolaryngology (PSO) .
41. Pharmaceutical Organization
42. Physicians for Peace-Philippines (PFP-P)
43. Project Lifeline Foundation 
44. Rizal Mac Arthur Memorial Foundation 
45. The Gerry Roxas Foundation
46. The Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines
47. The Lewis College (Sorsogon, RP)
48. The PGH Medical Foundation
49. The Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation (PGH-F)
50. The Reginald Lewis Foundation
51. Uhay Foundation (USA)
52. Uplift Internationale
53. UPMASA- Chicago NW Indiana Chapter  
54. U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance (USP4GG)    
55. V & S Aduana FLP Foundation   
56. World Surgical Foundation (WSF)
57. World Vision-Philippines (WV-P)
58. Zonta Women’s Club  (Makati, RP)

59. Healthcare Coalition Institute, USA
60. United States Aid for International Development








... to bring together in partnership and collaboration, and to help consolidate efforts of various groups, organizations, and individuals in the U.S. and in the Philippines involved in helping indigent patients in the country.

We commit to make a significant impact in the strategic areas of child care, environment, education and disaster management by leveraging the power and reach of media and partnering with concerned sectors of society.

Aid for Mindanao

... a coalition of organizations involved in efforts to rehabilitate communities affected by the ongoing conflict. We encourage collaborative efforts that provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced population

Afire Chicago

... to build the capacity of Filipino American community to effect constructive social change through popular education, service, civic engagement and research.

American Helper

... to connect the physical and financial resources of Americans to those in need.


Association of Philippine Physicians in America

Ayala Foundation USA - A bridge of hope across the seas

We envision a Filipino Nation that transcends borders, where each member feels a strong sense of connectedness and commitment to the development of its people in the Philippines and around the world...


The Bayanihan Foundation

Filipinos Abroad Helping Filipinos at Home




The Cancer Warriors Foundation is the embodiment of a dream- that no Filipino child will suffer a diminished quality of life because of cancer.

CURE International

CURE is passionate about the physical and spiritual healing of disabled children in developing countries.

NEWS FLASH: 2009- CURE has committed to build a Pediatric Surgical Hospital for Indigent Patients in Davao.



Filipino for "my doctor". A global network of Filipino physicians. Your  gateway  to  medical  missions and    medical  tourism  in  the Philippines



Faith Philippines

We need to dedicate our lives to transform this nation into a nation that cares for one another... we need a movement that calls for renewal of our FAITH. First with our God ... but also the belief that we have the capacity and resiliency to solve our nation’s ills.


The ultimate goal... the transformation of the Philippines and the Filipinos and restore their pride and dignity as a nation and as a people.

Filipino Village


NEWS FLASH: August 2009
Founder and President of FV Nanette Alcaro makes a generous pledge of 25% of proceeds from all website advertisements from or solicited by Global Coalition members


...with the vision of becoming a vehicle for greater private sector participation in the delivery of basic family health services including family planning and reproductive health services. for the landless, homes for the homeless, food for the hungry and as a result providing dignity and peace for every Filipino. 

NEWS FLASH: June 2009
GK enters partnership agreement with PFP-P for a "Walking Free" leg prosthesis program in the first of many more GK villages to follow...

This is an extension, a manifestation, of Christ’s mission of healing and salvation... continuing His mission of looking after the sick and the unwell while helping them gain ownership of their health- Health in the hands of the people.

LOGO: Healthcare Coalition Institute

International Care Ministries

... is called to release the poorest of the poor in the Philippines from spiritual, emotional and physical bondage.

KAH full logo

"When you feed a child,
you feed
our future."

NEWS FLASH: May 2009
Founder and President of Kids Against Hunger (KAH), Richard Proudfit, pledged four- 40 ft. shipping containers of KAH food worth $200,000 for 1.2 million meals to the Global Coalition during his attendance of the Chicago Summit on May 15...


Lingkod Timog

Conducts charitable, educational, cultural, medical and life enrichment activities to needy areas in the Philippines. We strive to alleviate poverty while strengthening relations between the Philippines and the U.S.

Magbassa Kita Foundation

...dedicated to the promotion of literacy, poverty alleviation and peace, especially in Mindanao.


The National organization and Voice of Filipino  Americans  for Unity and Empowerment to fight hunger, disease, unemployment, illiteracy and abuse- one family, one community at a time.¬† The worldwide mission of Operation Blessing is to demonstrate God’s love by alleviating human need by feeding the hungry and caring for the weak.¬†


Mission Statement

The PAMMFM provides free medical and surgical assistance to the indigent in the Philippines and other localities by highly qualified and competent professionals.




The First and Only Magazine for and about Philippine Nurses all over the World


NEWS FLASH: June 2009
PFP-P enters partnership agreement with GK for a "Walking Free" leg prosthesis program in the first of many more GK villages to follow...


The Lewis College

... to impart a legacy... that will generate transformation and uplift the lives of families and their communities.



The PGH Medical Foundation

... established to help the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) achieve excellent health care for its indigent patients.


The Phoenix Global
Humanitarian Foundation

Service with Love
and Compassion

Uplift Internationale - mending faces... one child at a time.

OPERATION TAGHOY give a life-changing gift to children with facial deformities by mending faces... one child at a time.




The WSF takes healthcare where it is not otherwise available.

We believe that if we make a difference in one life, we have touched many lives.

WSF in collaboration with SPSA to conduct Surgical Missions in Honduras on October 2009.


World Vision...
partners with communities to build a better world for children.
Around the World ... 

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